Saying 'No' is a Full Sentence - Reimagination at Work


Do you have the power to just say no?

Saying no is one of those things that comes easy to some people, and for others it’s the hardest thing ever. There are training courses to learn how to say no, and coaching programs to help people to learn this skill. Usually, this is focused around helping people to feel empowered to say no in situations where they can choose to. That’s all very well if you’re in a position where you can choose what you do. But what about people who don’t feel they have that choice? What about people who have to do the things they are told to do or risk losing their job? Do they have the power to say no?

In this episode of Reimagination at Work, Rachel and Allegra get to grips with why saying 'no' matters and the impact it can have on your life.

CW: Discussion of assult and harrasment.

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