Episode 1: Post Pandemic Predictions: What Could Life Be Like?


What do we like or appreciate about lockdown living/working right now? Will that be the same in another month? How has our opinion of lockdown living and working change over the last couple of months?

What will the hardest thing about going back to ‘normal’ be?

Hello, everybody and welcome to thereimagination at work podcast. This is our very first episode and also thefirst of a three part series. So you are in the right place if you'restarting right here in our podcast, we discuss the everevolving future of people, happiness and reimagine constructs of man throughthe eyes of diversity Ar astructure for the podcast is goingto be that we welcome guests to prepare two contributions to the questionot ortheme of the given episode. The hosts and guests will then discuss thecontributions and offer two up for a final vote by Ar lisseners via SocialNedia. We want you to be part of the conversations that we have so without further ado. I 'm your hostfor this week, Rachel person and the founder of brightand digital women, ana filmmaker and digital marketing manager at site visibility. Today I 'mjoined by a Lefeman and Mochangelou Williams, Co creators of watchles space,which is a diversity, consultancy and training provider based in Esusix.Together we will be discussing the post pandemic predictions and what couldlife be like Mo ant allego? What have you likedabout? Lockdown and lockdown life and work yeah, so to start with, it wasquite good fun in a way to kind of go right, because my life's usuallyrushing around places all the time day and evening and so start with it. Asbet like. Oh right, so we just stay at home and it was kind of Nice enough tojust be at home and think about things. But then I guess, as the weeks went on,it got more and more difficult because it it's not an nohol se. It's like thisis now going on and there's crazy things happening in the world, so it'changed as the went through it Buti'm trying to to the positive the positiveis the time and the creativity absolutely allego. What have you beenenjoying about? Lockdown what's been, what's been positive about this,potentially massively unpositive situation, yeas similar to Mo, I think, to startoff with the first couple of weeks. I thought it was quite a nice change and I would definitely have enjoyed havingmore time with my family, it's Nice, having both me and my husband at home.More, we get to see our little girl all day every day, which f the first coupleweeks is brilliant. We now in week, seven starting to great a little I'kind of ready Tonot time away fromthat I love humbore than but a boad frustrated. Tovlo Lot forthe house is not fun so, but it is, is nic, spenme time to go there, but it isnice to get that that kind of work life balance. Youknow if if we could actually go out and we kids go and do things like softplayand go to the playground and thinks the entertainer, then it would be a reallynice work like falonce in having all that time at home and then the timewith the little one but yeah it is. It is a bit of a nicer sort of situation.An I think, there's going to be a lot of people. Kind of you know wanting tolook more into working from home after this, because it is a- and you know in someways, quite a niceway of life and I'm now only working half days because we have to share theworking day. My husband has to do the woring and I have de the aftername sothat we can share the child o. that's quite nice. That sounds really good.I've definitely been enjoying myself and ITSIT's. Definitely like a lovehate thing at the moment. Obviously it's we can find that positives in it, butfundamentally we ALD all ather be not going through a global candemic Wen inthe middle of my fourth week of furlough now and I'm someone who reallyloves my job. I like interacting with people being in an office. I get a lotof energy from that. So it's been quite tough to find my Groov, but I thinkwith positive is I've. I've learned that I can be a lot more disciplinedthan I thought I could be in terms of enforcing like a routineand I've been very productive. I've done a lot of learning because I've had a lot of time to dolearning. So that's been good, so yeah there arepositives, but also I want it to be over as soon as possible. Yeah agree,yes, definitely agread yeah. We all want to go down the pub ut I'll makefor a pine. Yes, we really do. I live all this. I ro is my local part andit's really hard to walk past there and just not be able to go in yeah we'R.Just I just keep wandering around the corner to the Duke of Yolks pichurehouse and just standing outside and just kind of gazing at it longinglyjust wondering when the doors are going to open, again, hatfully soon cool, sowe will crack onto our postpandemic predictions so allebra. What's yourfirst postcandemic prediction, I...

...believe we are going to have lessqoitless meetings yeah anyway. I think this is really showngpeople that a a lot of those two hour meetings or three Ome tings or for nomeeting, should be more than an hour by the way. That's absolute given yeah allof those long meetings with just lots of people Ho. You know, hadn't read theagenda. Didn know what was going on, definitely could have been a phonecalled or a video coal. So I think, hopefully, people are going to realizenow that you you can move forward with with less me things less pointless,gathering people together, more stream lines, more effects, O communication,trusting people a little bit more to you know just get things done withouthaving to have these constant checkins and constantly looking at them. I think that would be a really positive stepforward. Yeah, that's point this meeting, please right and as well interms of the environment, you know traveling to meetings that might be inanother country or just you know, males away in terms of car train journeys.I'm sure planet Earth Oll be happy to have less pointless meetings adefinitely and like we all know terrible stories of traveling, for youknow, hours and hours for a hour, Ol meeting and then back again at you know,people whoe floin to different countries, and you know Fra o the way back, just ojust bread chat, just to say hi its. So you know it's Taky porless, it'sperible for the environment and it's just really poit this with people'smorale. I think to Drik them into these long meetings. You just go round andaround in circles jet an Ye menly noe meeting should be more than an hour. Ifyou've got something to kind of work shop and go through, then I think youcan alnow you teach three hours provided thes, braks and people areengaged and interested for me. I think that they are there a floor, a stagefor certain types of people to perform. Well, I think that's a huge problem.Ther's dragged things down for many years, actually that some people canperform well in them. Some people do really well in their careers out ofthem because they han it doesn't account for intriver. So people thatdon't get the floor to speak. The people that marginalize get interruptedtalked about all of those things that stage doesn't allow for, and someonewho works in a corporation. They are fomy examples. I can tell you meetingswhere, for example, you get a hundred thous people from all around the world,all together together for an annual sales conference. So that's you know alot of air miles a lot of people's time. For these meetings that don't reallyachieve anything, you know when I've noticed that when we schedule calls nowbecause we're all working from home as as an agency, everyone's much seems tobe much more prepared for those calls, because it's more of an occasion it'smore of a practive. Turning up to a call and a meeting- and everybodydoesn't, you know particularly want to be on a cool staring at their own facefor like hours and hours, which is what most people using zoom. Do. I thinkconferences are a really interesting one as well, because I think in someways conferences can be an extension of what Mo is just saying about certainpeople having the floor to perform and other people being marginized from thatand excluded, and also a lot of conferences are incredibly expensive toattend. So unless you have a big company bank rolling you and they willonly usually bank croll, the more senior people and the specific peoplewithin that organization, it's very difficult to attend. I think again.Similarly with meetings, it comes down to what bad you are they bringing. Sowhy do you need this? Wyrd, you need to gather everybody together. What's thepoint and bringing h some of them online or some sort of online elementto them could make them much more accessible,because actually, if you can offer expensive in person tickets with peoplewho want to come, but then cheap online access for others, it suddenly opens itup to people early on in their careers, morter organizations, you don't havemassive training budgets. It suddenly gives much more people in opportunityto take part in the event and in the conversation which would be reallyexciting, I think to bringing things online more like conferences as Werl asmeetings and things actually is a way for the playing field to be leveled.Yeah Mo it's, your prediction number one:it's your term go my prediction yeah! My first prediction is a really hopeful,lovely one, and I do Howe. This becomes true. I hope and think that we will valuepeople more for what they contribute to society. Tho We've seen during thepandemic that the people that have often been condemned velified bycertain sections of the press, so that', you know, immigrands nurses, refusecollectors, Topermarkiv workers, you...

...know the people that actually prove tobe vital with those people and not necessarily bancers and top tos, whoare paid disproportionately more than those people who ere there, people thathave kept us going well, we were all you know, living on Nice kind ofshotaway lives, banking, banana press. Those are the people that kepcteverything running, and I was watching something on the news. Last nightmacclener in the hospital we were ut on a CAVID worge. She was she's n Immigran.She she doesn't get how visar renews in the next month. She can. She Gan, bekicked out of the country and she's like he'swhe's cleaning the war andlike who's doing that if she doesn't so my yeah I'd love this to be arebalancing of how we value people in society and who is valued Watt, valuedall of those things until he put it in those times. It hadn't actually reallyoccurred to me that the people that are generally seen as low skilled orunskilled or you know not necessary- are the people that have literallysaved our lives over the last couple of months and willcontinue to for hopefully not a really long time. But those are the peoplethat there are heroes. The Big Outon twitter been going on for thelast few hours about cleaners and whether you know richpeople should still be having cleaners into their homes, which I write, a block abouts on thewor Intitho willin website. If anyone's gon read it, but I think that I isreally interesting because you know soddeny people are saying, cleaners areessential, but then they're paid such low wages that it's it's not it's notright, it isn't right and it can't continue and it's a huge issue, becausepainers are incredibly important for a lot of people. A Lo of disabled people,tastedly rely on cleaners for a lot of women who are trying to work. Howevermuch we say that you know things have equalit and they have you know thingsare better than they were in. My Mother's Day there, but definitelybetter than they wering my grandmother's Day, but it's still thecase that in a heteosexual couple home, the women does more cleaning moreof thehousehold work more of the child had an themandas and women who ware trying tohave a career. At the same time, you literally cannot do it all. I sorta great a great. Quite that said, you can'thave you can't you can have it all, but you can't do it all and it it's so truethat you know we are given, is incredibly untertainable Saniin andthat was ppased to have an amazing career raise all these children. Havethis perfect between house? It's just not possible. You can't Bee Jingeverything all of the time so having some domestic help enables a lot ofwomen to then also pursue their career and show up in business and take onleadership roles and take on you now more visible roles. Yeah and it'sinteresting. There ware some days that came out yesterday, which is Arnsdat arabout the risks of different careers in terms of how you come out of lockdown,and it was interesting to see the careers plotted kind of on the grassand how many of those roles that are realy actually really risking in termsof contact with people will contact. People Times are actually wells done bywomen or also they were the roles that are often the lowest paid as well. So,if you think about transport workers like bus drivers, things like that, alot of those roles are actually really risking much more rhisky than being.You know an office exack where you can actually werk from home. During this.You know those kinds of things. So it's been really interesting to see how thisis all played out and then its even more interesting thisis the discussionthis week about who should go back to work and how everybody should go backto work and who is it? That's now got to go and crush onto busses to get towork and those kinds of things at's been really interesting Tobate, but Iwill share my first post pandemic. Lockdown prediction. I think that international travelisgoing to be massively expensive and it's going to be something that yeahonly really the elite rich members of society going to be able to do, whichis again a massive is disappointing and horrible for a lot of reasons. But thatmeans a lot of people from you know like low wage staff, lowersalaries workers aren't going to be able toafford to travel kids from poor backgrounds, I'm not going tobe able to travel and experience. Other cultures are going to grow up, maybe abit more disconnected from the rest of the world, and that really scares meabout you know thinking. If I ever have a kid that you know, will they havethis access that I was afforded? You know relatively cheaply to the rest ofthe world in the immediate. It doesn't scare meso much because I have been on four holidays in the last six months-...

...good, because this bitch ain't goingnowhere for a while it'sinteresting with air travel,because I think theres, it's kind of that class divide thing is reallyimportant in the it's never been massively accessible for people, I'mreally low incomes to do huge trips. It's always been a little bit of adivide that in terms of Hocude, explore the world. But as you say, it's beenmuch easier. You know for us for O ener Instran. We had lots of opportunitiesto GE traveling. You know I've done a lot of troubelingand I'm looking at my daughter now thinking is she going to get toexperience the world in the same way that I did and see all these things,because I I think me and I didt you know I don't come from a particulareffot backbound. I grew up literally like in the middle ofthe country, so it 's really valuable to me to be able t step outside of thatlittle world lat I grapin and go and learn about other cultures. orthercountries discover a world outside of my credof spear. anthat's yehave been a really importantpint of growth for me, so I think you know if access to that becomes limited,then that's going to be a real shame. Ind, particularly if it does end upwidening the gap. In terms of you know, the rich thing else t do it D and porkof not being able te on the other lipside of that it's going to be reallygreat for the environment, because all of us jessing off hither and everywhereat the drop of the Hert, has not been good. We've done it. I think you knowfar too easily and rectulessly. So in some ways I think it will be good if wetravel less, but then I think we lose a lot in terms of what we learn about theworld and what we share with each other as a grateful community. So this huge kind of pros and cons to that thinkthat's the thing I've as with most people that that we allknow have had the opten to travel a lot, I'm from a family that travelledconstantly essebiously, my parents immigrated to England. So when I wasyounger, I was like one of the first ofmy friend to get a past war and go toIndia or you know just generally troutl generally, we were traveling family. Ihad the travel bag from when I was really young, because I had theopportunity to do things like interran around Europ after Mya levels. You knowthose kinds of travel that have just been really eie in working intrnationalsales. There are times that I'm now it's not kind of embarrassing to admitthis kind of the amount of travel I used to do in some of my jobs wherelong Holl trip once a month as well as several short hall trifts. You knowflying to Paris for a one hour meeting and back again that day you know,notthe travel has been. You know, I've done a lot of shaveling. My personalcarbon fritprint is huge, but it also gave ith me and people I work wasfriends with so much as well a the things you were talking about. Legra,we got to understand. Other cultures got to explore the world got tome, workin other countries and really see that as well and those opportunities thatkind of change your world view. I think, if you you know, I remember going to India before university and Iworked in a children's home. The Kon of teaching whice is quite young and itwas teaching kids who had just been taking of found on the streetsbasically were brought into the school, and I was teaching them English D. Iremember coming back home afterwards and kind of going to the friend, hardwit friends and the things they were talking about were just say trivial. Ijust like, Oh my God, you know because it completely change my perspective onlife and it's those sorts. OFRTHINITIES thit'll be a real shame that thatyoungest, the next generation don't get to do that or some ar you say some ofthem will the rich ones will be able to Y and Hewas woaring and tha'll be areal shame. So Elegra, let's come back to you for your number two. So my second one is more. I an optimistic hope, then aprediction and an incredibly selfish, but I would really like the onlinesocializing to carry on post look down because I have a child hatemig. One of thesepeople he's like I've, got a child to see haw to di. You know make alize it,but anyway, that's who I am know, Aa Child and I got up at five o'clock inthe morning and I am not a morning person and then I you know I do foll day work and and acafter the child, which ismore exhausting than the work. And then people want to get to the pub at likeeight hunred ND, nine Ocock, which is insane because I I go to bed at teno'clock, you're all mental. What are these people to Ti Tang out solate? So it's been really nice during lock, tat O to be able to hut mydaughter bed dump in a Zam cool. Have a few drinks,tracngs people, we've done. Quizzers...

...we've played games, we've had a chat,you know it's all been really nice and then I can say goodbye and then justfoel straight into bed and still be in bed at ten o'clock, and it's just it'slovely and I like it and I personally have made separation anxiety. I thoughtit doesn't. I do I don't like being away from it. I findit really difficult and I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for that and Lifeel Lik. I stop apologizing for it itsactually. You know I had a baby andthat's a massive thing, and actually I don't think it's a bad thing hat. Idon't want to be away from the human being that I created. So I don't likegoing out in the evening and missing putting at a bird and missing, seeingand spending that time with a it is a difficult ag just mean for hercauhe Siov at that age, where she knows when I'm not there, but she doesn'tunderstand why so it's nice to be at home and to see it and to say goodnight, give her a cuddle, nom go and get pissed and then still being bed atten o'clock, brilliant. So I'd like it. If we could carry on with that pleaceyeah and also there's no like drunken stumble home past to ca Bab shop nowlik, Oh, my drunken stumble home is to the room next door or upstairs yeah. I was gonna, say someone thatthat doesn't have kids. It's also been great because I've caught up lots offriends and family that do have children that normally trying to find adate in the diary. In a time when you can all meet, it's really o difficult.So I spoken to friends that live in other parts of the country on Zoom Mor,which is weird because I don't know why. We didn't do that before so wha. We,you knowit's, been great to do that and also you know, cousins and things likethat. We've spoken lizes more, so it would be nice for that to continue yeahye find myself catching ut with with more people more often and yeah. Idon't know why we wernt doing that before. Why had we not realized hut, wecould get on as incoll but yeah. I got friends who live alround the countryaround the world and suddenly we're chatting on Seemol traines like Bas, wecan always have Beedo Tis that this is given us, the kick so actualy do it,and also I was just thinking it just sort of come back to what is Ariteb beginning about flexibleworking and people enjoying a bit more of a work. I Fallis and more eflexibleapproach, te work and life, and actually he bought children, balancinghome and and everything else is really difficult and being able to do morethings online does free you up O to be able to have a bit more of a balanceand not feel like the constant parents, guilt of feeling like you're,not doing enough at home and you're, not soing enough at work and you're,not seeing your friends enough butweyou can you can still be there for yourchild and see your friends and go to work remoteme? It just gives you so much mmore,expiditin and so much more ease to fit everything in. So I do hope that youknow businesses realized that this has been working from flexible workingpoint of view for parents, a everybody else, but I wi'll say then yeah we allcarry on still making time the people who struggle to come out with us in thereal world make time for these people online. Hmm Yeah. I think my number two which I'll come on to after your number two Mo. I shund'tstop saying wrong. We're all having a number two anyway,but actually it just occurred to me, based on what you just said Logra isthat you know I think that we might be seeing a bit more of an increase incompassion from now and into the future for each other, for the people thatwork for us for the people that we work with, because we've literally been satand each other's you know, houses, bedrooms, living room,home offices, gardens of doing work and seeing life take place behind. Youknow behind everybody, an that in that zoom window and we've just got a muchmore kind of first hands idea of what life is like for ourcoworkers now like. So I think that could be a positive that comes out ofit but more compassion. Hopefully, hopefully you do just go backimmediately to our cynical money, driven lines. No prediction number two: Yes O myprediction, number two! It is that people I want to go going to want to becloser generally to their friends, anr, family and their work. So I thinkthere's going to be a shift kind of connected to your travel. One, but itsort of not, but I think people have realized that actually it's quite niceto live in a short driving distance or a short train journey, or something toyour friends and Family Particularl your family, then we all had difficultsituations with things: Ap, parents and stuff like that. So that's what that'sconnected as well, but also generally... travel less to work as well. I thinkeverybody is suddenly stopped doing that, I'm so that used to commeandtravel along distance myself. So I kind of done that for o a couple of yearsago anyway, and it's just that realization that actually you don'tneed to spend your time fighting on trains and cars and traffic and one ofthose things if you could have a different life, fhor you're, not doingthat it would change your life. So I project that people are going to wantto do that. More and more, it will play out. I think, with employeers need to be more flexibleabout where people wore, because all those discussions have been Hav beforewhere they said. Well, it won't work if you work from home won't work. It isall been preven wrong because people have been working from hime and gettingthings done so I think, there's going to be a shift change in all of that interms of distance that people want to be for things. It's almost like it'spredicting a bit of a shift kind of back in time. When you know familieslike wider, you know, family did live in. You knowclose like proximity to one another like now we're quite nomagic, and youknow, global travelers opened up people to beable to go and live in other countries and that you know maybe people aregoing to start building those friend and family hubs again, and you know,like you, said that you know: There's no excuse. People can work from home.You know if we have to do it for a global pandemic that then we can do itfor better reasons like being closter or loved ones and accesses morehappiness in Aur like and I've seen it even with people wanting to use localbusinesses more as well. I've seen a lot of that people saying well. I wantto support that local business because I don't want them to go out of business,so it feels like there's been a shift in the whole sort of perception ofdistance and all those things yeah cool, okay. So my final prediction is:I think that people are going to be much more self aware. I think that Ithink everyone's going through a process now becoming more self aware,and I think that that's only going to grow as as the pandemic continues andas lockdown measures continue and then hopefully that will embed thatselfawareness will imbend so much so that it get continues post, locked downand postpandemic B. I think because we've had to spend a lot of time withourselves, so we've been locked at home and you know that might mean one otherperson. It might mean that you're locked down by yourself, living byyourself vgot some people on the Brighton,dicial woman team who like live by themselves, or you know, you're withyour family, but largely I think people are with maybeone or two other adults, and so we've had to spend a lot of timewith ourselves Al this. This is a personal one as well, because don still working, my husband stillworking I've been on furlough, I'm a fellow minimum six weeks. I've gotanother few weeks, so IV spent a lot of time. With myself, I like to think ofmyself as quite a self work person anyway. I have learned hell of a lot about myself throughoutthis whole process, and I think the other way people are becomingselfaware is, like I said about being aware of BEISG. More aware of otherpeople's lives, makes you kind of reflect back on yourself, so looking athow other people are living and working and being in each other's houses, youknow looking at each other on calls. I think that that makes it you reflect onyourself as well and how you do things? Not to mention that we, you know we'refully reliant on our on ourselves to entertain, educate and motivateourselves or choose not to so the selfawareness that it takes to motivate or entertain ourselves or tochoose not to do that and be aware of it, I think, is something that's probablyhappening for a lot of people at the moment, not to mention that we had tostare at our own faces. Like I mentioned, on Zoom like I've, neverbeen so aware of my face, which is scary. I do you wonder if that could goeither way, though, because for certain people you know, let yourself greatchoose. It is quite selfaware person and quit considerate of your impact onother people and how you come across. Looking at your face and watching howyou're interacting with other people is, is a learning experience for otherpeople. It might just be an opportunity to stare at their own face and Rezl in their own greatness. So I dowonder if that could go either way, but I think it's really interesting. Thenyou know the idea that we've spent so much as time with ourselves withlooking at ourselves. Now, I'm very aware of my own face when I want toZeefor is Li o ithoally be whatl, I'm looking at, but more from a Oh, my God.I look terrible point of view and, like I find I'm more worried about how Ilook than I am listening to what and I'm so preoccupied with how bad I thinkpredict that I'm not listeningto. What's going on lit really distractedby that,...'s also, I don't know if you sawthere as a tes, something on Tristor, actually wher. Someone was saying it beinteresting if you could record the amount of time people talk for in theZame meetings, because ther are definitely zoo meetings. I've been towhere or even just calses with friends I've been to where certain peopledominate and it's really hard because you've got to get that thing of thedelay and talking over each other and actually yeah some people. I guess, arenot aware enough that they're dominating the airwaves, if you likeawesome, so those are our prediction. So, as the PODCAST format dictateswe're now going to have a quick chat about which two you want to put to ouraudience, so I'm going to kick things off and my vote is definitely for thepoint about meetings cause that seems to have been a thread. That's runswhere everything we've chauted about and where we've ended up again almoston purpose. So I vote for meetings and I vote for Moyour second point about people moving and being closer together and closer towork, I'm biased about the meetings one because it was mine, but I'm veryunblided ot it because methings ar the ban of my sistans. I really think myspoint about how we value different types of blook is really important. SoI'm a big advocate that I think that's a that's a really really important onethat we really shouldn't de site off. So I really have a very big Bak forthat. Actually, yeah, I'm changing my vote on the host. So I can I vote exactlythe same as a Legra. We may have talked yourselves around into agreementbecause I'm also going to go for the meetings. One because I think itencompasses the travel point actually and actually, if we think about it,brings it. The metings point brings in the discussions about inclusion and whogets the floor all those things we talked about, but also the point abouttraveling and why we need to travel and yeah all of those things so that oneand I'm also going to vote from my own one about valuing people to society,because if we don't come out of this with that, then I feel I'll feel reallyI' pobty be depressed forever about that. If we don't Yeah Dfinily, Oh myGod we're an alignment O. my God, we actal R, without going to Efar, ispretty common that we agree on most things. I rbe good and respectful disagreeers. Sothat's go! Yes! That's o! We will take our post pandemic predictions of changes in meetings and changingchanging changes around who we value in work, life and society and culture, andwe all put those so to to a vote on social media and the most voted for popular one. We will do aseparate podcast about, or we will explore further and find some guests toexpand on that topic and share it all with youas well. Thank you very much. Everybody for tuning in and listening to a veryfast reimagination at work. PODCAST were really excited to move on to ournext episodes, which is getting back to normal how's that going to work andepisode three, the new normal how's it going so far, so we will be talkingabout those in our nxt two podcast watch thes spacesocial handles are watch the space, but without the last a because it's totallyon purpose and a really cool branding thing and not at all, because the foolwatch thes space is already taken. It is a cool bounding thing, baae thatwe're watching BEO watching the space. It is a pat. There is a space there is,and space and Sto as you pay your Blowelegro, theGender Taga absolutely is see. This is the thing the there are gaps all overthe place that yea filling in, and that is what we are here to do. That's what she said. An a TAK, anantectual sort of way its not that Mae awesome cool. Thank you very much. WorkMo and Allegra have been your host ratuel person and this his been reaimagination at work.

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